The Virtual Reality band Aztech Rising
featuring the original music of Paul Marcano and Friends

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Copyright 2007 Paul Marcano

The VIRTUAL REALITY BAND Aztech Rising has been performing virtually live concerts since 2005 mostly within the 3D Active Worlds Universe ( and has been featuring the music of Paul Marcano and Friends. The music emmanates from the artistic mecca of Salt Spring Island in British Columbia Canada where musicians and composers abound and creativity is a matter of priority one survival. Virtual Reality performances involve careful co-ordination of animated 3D Avatars which create a stage presence and a corresponding stream of music broadcast over an Internet radio channel. The Band Aztech Rising presents original songs and compositions written by west coast Canadian multi-media artist Paul Marcano who originally founded the band LightDreams in 1981 and released a rare vinyl album called Islands in Space in 1981. The Music is at times pop oriented, short catchy tunes and often as not incorporates melodic electronica of a psychedelic nature with influences of Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Alan Parsons and the Beatles felt throughout.

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