Introducing a new century version of the I Ching - Book of Changes

I Ching for the 21st Century

Requires minimum Windows 98
Internet Explorer 5.0

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Cleaner Interface - Shortcut Startup Easily Installed
Opening Screen

Some added information "How to read the results"
Info Screen

Separate Synchronistic Line Readout on the bottom.
Sample Reading

Why not install The I Ching for the 21st Century on your computer so that it is always on tap for private consultations? You'll find that you can study the results easily and even cut and paste them into a word processor to save important questions for future reference.

The new interface attractively lays out the readings and points to significant lines to be read for a more comprehensive interpretation.

Requires minimum Internet Explorer 5.0

The I Ching for the 21st Century
De-mystify the magic of this ancient synchronicity condenser, the I CHING or, as it is often pronounced 'E' Ching. It is quite easily one of the most comprehensive studies in the laws of nature, human relations and the Universe. This version of the I Ching has been written to acknowledge the changing nature of our societies and how ancient wisdom can still apply to modern day questions of life, liberty and the pursuit of understanding ourselves, our relation to events and the people around us. The I ching can be seen as a book of changes, wisdom or it can be used in the context of an oracle to gain synchronistic insight into immediate questions and decisions you may be contemplating.

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