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The Alliance of Salt Spring Artists present - All but 'there'...
Featuring art done on computers by: Uri Cogan, Michael Robb, Fenton Loyola, Michael McPherson, Paul Marcano, Jan Sharkey Thomas, Penny George, Ron George, Simon Henson and Nathaniel Marcano

Perhaps for the first time a virtual gallery of artwork can now be viewed as a real-time interactive walk-through 'event' thanks to the ingenious level building capabilities of 3D Realm's* "Duke Nukem 3D". Paul Marcano and his nephew Nathaniel (Grasshopper) have worked for months to create a truly immersive digital art experience that challenges the explorer and curiosity of the viewer to find all 40 odd pieces of art spread throughout over a thousand virtual acres (light years?) of cybernetic space and time!

With a resolution of 800 X 600, Salt Spring Island's first truly digital art show features the work of ten digitally inclined artists who's work has never been seen by the public on the medium upon which it was created.

From August 3rd to September 7th if you want to see a really interesting display of digital art... visit these two venues for an absorbing tour that you navigate through! Currently the 'virtual' walk-through can be enjoyed by the public courtesy of two local venues: Island Books on McPhillips and Naikai Gallery in Grace Point Square.

Actual printed versions of the artwork are on display and for sale at the Salt Spring Roasting Company on McPhillips. August 3rd to September 7th

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All artwork is copyright 1998 by the respective artists

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