Video and Animations by Paul Marcano
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Virtual Gallery of Digital Images and Art
  • ZUKMAR Virtual Gallery
    (Stills - Modem Friendly)) A truly interactive 3D Gallery, part of the Active Worlds Virtual Reality Server - Covering a virtual area almost equal to the size of California! Download and become a virtual citizen and come then visit me in the Gallery in real 3D - for appointments call (250)537-9701. See for Plugin.

  • Space Habitation Concept .001
  • The High Frontier
    A conceptualization of the human potential for the habitation of space.
  • Sahra Featherstone and Andres Aquino
  • Sahra Featherstone
        and Andres Aquino
  • A trip for Moms
  • Half Shell Beach
    Unusual black holes...
    only on Salt Spring Island you say?
  • I am the Oilman
  • Coastal Curios

    From the Album of the same name, copyright 2002 Paul Marcano

  • Space Habitation Concept
  • Habitat L5
    Short conceptualization of a gyroscopic space habitat in stationary orbit
    out there somewhere.
  • A trip for Moms
  • Happy Mother's Day
    A little trip for Mom... just to get away from it all for a minute or two.
  • I am the Oilman
  • I am the Oilman

    Video Footage - Copyright 1994 Will Thomas
    Song Lyrics - Copyright 1994 Paul Marcano

    Can also be sung to the tune of I am the Walrus, but publishers wouldn't permit it.

  • Early Art Pix
  • Early Art Pix

    A Collection of early art and thoughts circa 1974 and onward.
    Song selection Martian Visitation from the CD Synthasia - Copyright 2003 Paul Marcano

  • Copyright 2002 Paul Marcano - All Rights Reserved