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VBC Web Design: Keepin' It Simple

Often as not you have a single product or service you just want to sell online and all you need to start is a single page often referred to as a point-of-sale 'cash register checkout' page to send your customers. This landing page may be linked-to from all kinds of social media including Youtube promotional videos, Twitter, LinkedIn, a Facebook Profile or other social media accounts.

Some of the services I can help get you started with:
  • Consulting and Help with registering a domain name
  • Consulting and Help setting up a web host (hosting fees not included)
  • Consulting and Help setting up a personal PayPal account for sales
  • Design a Front-end webpage including custom graphics and/or product photo sales button.
  • Youtube Promotional Videos
  • Blogger installations
Simply inquire about anything from a basic point-of-sale or contact webpage to a fully developed, all-inclusive website and you'll receive a first contact preliminary quote in short order.

  • See some of my current portfolio of web designs below.

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    Paul Marcano
    AKA Artist3d

  • Updated July 5th, 2019